Tuesday, March 11, 2008

still winter

it seems like there are signs of spring everywhere but here. the magazines and catalogs in my mailbox are full of hyacinths and short skirts. even the sun setting later makes it seem like my neighborhood should be warm and blooming. but it's not.

i don't think I'm really complaining though; it was warm enough today to ride my bike to the grocery store, one of my favorite activities of all time. there's a little path and a big pond between my house and the ultra foods. even though it's still wintry it's pretty in a sparse way. isn't that an interesting little seed pod?


em said...

your photos are beautiful!

we actually have tulips and daffodils growing...not because it's warmer here (you know...a whopping 45 minutes from you...) but because they are next to the house, and the heat from the house makes them very confused as to what season it really is!

amytangerine said...

your photos are gorgeous. lurk no more on my blog, as I think comments rock too.

Stephanie said...

OH OH I KOVE your bike! What kind is it, I'm looking for one just like it!