Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sparkling clean

is there anything better than a clean house?
the apartment therapy spring cure is going pretty well for me. so far, it doesn't really seem that organized online, but the book has really given me a boost to get things done. More than anything it's raised my consciousness of my surroundings, what works about my house and what doesn't. And after the whole week of really pondering what needs to be done, I realized that what my house really needs is to stay clean and clutter free. I don't really need new furniture. I don't need more knicknacks.

okay, I have to admit though, I did buy an wood and metal monogram from anthropologie, and a few pieces of art from etsy seller labokoff. (highly recommended! beautiful prints, i LOVE them.) and finally took some wedding photos to get framed, but that's a different story. why yes, i did get married almost three years ago, thanks.

my prints from labokoff. aren't they pretty?

anyway! clean and clutter free. that's the goal. I cleaned so hard on saturday afternoon, like workout hard. it was so incredibly satisfying. I think the soundtrack helped, too:
fruit bats, spelled in bones (twice)
belle and sebastian, if you're feeling sinister (twice)
the strokes, is this it

I'm going to make up a fake statistic and guarantee you 94% success in scrubbing every surface in your house while listening to these albums. it worked for me!


kimberly said...

Love the prints you chose!

So that 94% guarantee, if it doesn't work for me...will you come and clean my apartment? :)

em said...

Those prints are GORGEOUS!

Kristin said...

oh! the strokes and belle and sebastian ... I don't know fruit bats, but those other two records might just help me to clean up at home. if only I could find them somewhere deep down in all the boxes (still haven't packed up everything since I moved). thanks for the inspiriation :)