Wednesday, March 5, 2008

good day sunshine

images of florida. gotta love that pinky sunset light. there are a couple more on my flickr. The last photo was taken at the mini-golf course we went to. There are literally dozens of photos of that giraffe. Can you spot him?

I always have a hard time writing vacation recaps, since once I'm home I can't seem to recapture that free vacation feeling.

One of the best parts of the trip was seeing how Mike and I have so much fun when we're together. We get along so well and laugh about all the dumbest stuff. Sometime if I'm feeling generous I'll tell you some of the pirate jokes we came up with on the trip. For example,
Q. Who is a pirate's favorite fashion designer?
A. Arrrrmani.
And so on.

The weather was great, the visits with grandparents were pleasant, and I really love all the Florida wildlife--lots of big weird birds. It's a Katie paradise. It was so nice to sit out on the little dock behind our hotel and drink coffee and watch the birds in the morning. After such a long, confining, crummy winter, it just made me feel like ME again, like taking a deep cleansing breath.

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