Saturday, March 8, 2008

mini-book, big fears

new project, originally uploaded by oltremare.

I think I may have expressed this here before. . . . I have a weird phobia about what I consider "real" scrapbooking. I have always made paper-based art, collage, all that, but for some reason i get all intimidated by all the uber professional scrapbooking out there right now.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not secretly Type A, because I don't really like doing things unless I can do them perfectly or at least extremely well. Most of the time I don't deal with it though, because I've always tried to avoid those things. (Sports, anyone? :) ) It's so dumb though, that I've put so much pressure on myself in this arena, which really isn't anything to overthink in the first place!! Stupid unfounded fears.

Anyway, I've realized lately that age 27 has been one of, if not THE best year of my life. And I really feel like I want to document that. So; what you see here is the beginnings of a mini-book. I'm pretty stoked.


em said...

I'm completely afraid of making minis! They terrify me!!!

It looks like you've got some great stuff to start with! Can't wait to see the final product!

willikat said...

i'm scared of taking on my weddng scrapbook although i have bought a bunch of cool stuff for it. :)

katie said...

thanks for the comments guys! it's funny how the littlest stuff can be oddly overwhelming.