Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mid Summer Update 2009

We have a six month old now! He's over 20 lbs, babbling away, starting to scoot around (only backwards, hasn't figured out forward movement yet) and, as always, is so sweet, happy, a good sleeper. . . we're amazingly blessed. Every morning we have a nice cuddle and after work we like to sit on the front step and watch the world go by. They're my favorite parts of my day. 

We go on family walks a few times a week.

We've had our first visit to the park. 

A morning at the county fair. 

And a great long weekend in Iowa at my parents house. Relaxing for me, totally fun for the grandparents, and hopefully fun for David too. 

My work continues to be stressful. There are rewarding moments, but it's been a challenge. I had to go into the city for some work events a few weeks back, and it was nice to have a chance to wander around the lakefront by myself. Beautiful Chicago.

I can't believe it's almost August. I feel like we've had some nice summer moments though, so that the months aren't passing by too rapidly. Life with a six month old is pretty sweet, so I'm just trying to enjoy every day. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

long weekend

If every weekend was three days long I'm pretty sure my life would be perfect. 

We've had a nice time so far these few days. Even though the fourth was rainy, it cleared up for most of the important parts: the parade in the morning and the fireworks. David slept through most of the parade, despite every single noisy float/band stopping right in front of us. Oh, to sleep like a baby. What he did see he seemed to enjoy. 

(Sidenote: David's getting HUGE. Almost 20 pounds already, can you believe it?)

Later we had some friends and Mike's family over for dinner. It was fun. I have to admit though. .  the part of the evening I enjoyed most was when everyone went to the fireworks and I stayed home with a sleeping David and the dog. Now that I'm a mom, I'm finding that I have very little quality alone time. As much as I love my husband and baby, sometimes it's nice to just be by myself. So after everyone left last night, I put the ipod on shuffle, cleaned up the house, caught up on folding laundry for the first time in months, and generally just enjoyed the solitude. The fireworks go off only a few blocks from our house, so near the end I walked out onto the front sidewalk and caught a glimpse of a few. That was enough for me.