Monday, January 21, 2008

oh blueprint

today the office was quiet so I took myself out for a long lunch. I picked up the latest & last copy of Blueprint and had some black bean soup at panera.

So, as I mentioned before, Blueprint is folding and I'm super sad. I did promise back then to scan some of my tearsheets and share them here. As you can see. . . I'm kind of nerdy about magazines. I don't like to save whole issues, since I already have enough things collecting dust in my house, so I go through all my mags a few times a year and tear out the pages I love. Then they go into protector sheets and into a binder. I LOVE my magazine binder. It's like my own personal world of interiors, projects, editorials & photography I love. . . mmm. I highly recommend doing this, it's given me quite a lot of pleasure.

anyway, here are a few of my favorites! all images are from blueprint.

these are from a section about organizing your entryway, i believe. the styling on this is fantastic.

editorial about the home of joelle hoverson, who owns purl soho and purl bee. it just looks so warm and inviting.

I'm kind of obsessed with that stuffed deer head.

a story about organizing a small home. i love the colors here.

I'm such a sucker for art-directed vignettes like this

that was fun! since I finally own a scanner (yay, thanks husband!) there will be a lot more sharing here.


kimberly said...

I love tearing pages out of magazines. I am slowly doing this with my saved mags. I can't wait to have a big binder full!

I saw this on etsy and thought of your and your love of that stuffed deer head.

willikat said...

duuude i am so sad about blueprint. i feel like it was martha for our age-set. i hear blueprint will still have a tear-out section in martha stewart weddings. still so sad.