Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, yes, the Giraffe is my newest animal obsession. Not exactly sure where this one came from. I think because they are interesting to draw.

Some background here: in one of the library books I checked out about giraffes, there was a small appendix containing a LONG list of names the giraffe has been known by. Favorites include: garsantes, giraphus, griffle, hirable, orafflus, siraf, and zirnapha. Needless to say, I have become focused on "griffle" and that's basically what I call giraffes now. Griffle! It just seems to fit.

An unrelated and slightly more serious note. Lately I have realized (or, if you're feeling fruity, "the universe has shown to me") that the best way for me to make art is to do what comes most naturally to me. Big epiphany, huh? I've probably read that in about a thousand blogs and artist-type self-help books. But for some reason in the past few weeks it's just clicked, big time. I can look back and see that whenever I have pursued something with my whole heart and not a lot of brainy anxiety, the results have been succesful and well-received. Alien Robots is a prime example; it's something that just kind of came to me, and I did it because I enjoyed it, and the outcome was way better than I would have expected.

I've spent so much time in the past few years consciously trying to develop a style, or following someone else's style. Well, no wonder I was frustrated with my artwork! It's a classic square peg/round hole-type situation. Now it just feels super FUN and FREEING and I can't wait to come home after work every night and draw griffles or make my collages or whatever.

So, in conclusion, YAY. Also file under: why didn't they teach me this kind of thing in my four years of design school? :)

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