Saturday, January 5, 2008


new books from amazon. like christmas morning in the mail box! the art of personal imagery by corey moortgat and fingerprint: the art of using handmade elements in graphic design. both awesome.

keri smith. her point of view is unique and challenging. also, she is one of the few bloggers that I admire not because she makes me want to be like her, but that she makes me want to be like ME. the best thing possible. (photo from keri's flickr site here)

a clean and organized house. i am not an organized person, to say the least. the past year it has been a labor of love trying to get my thoughts and habits maintained in any kind of ordered way. but now that I'm on that road, it's great. nice to be able to find the wooden spoon in the kitchen tool drawer, you know? rather than digging around in a bunch of haphazard spatulas and cheese graters.

these little red orange earrings from target. i've worn these every single day since buying them, and they magically seem to go with everything I own. red orange! i think it's going to be the new color obsession.


Anonymous said...

I'm really intrigued by this book Fingerprint. I looked at the inside pages on amazon and think it looks like something right up my alley. The introduction talks about back in the day when design used to be more hands-on and it reminds me when I first started out how I was doing all manual pasteup and occasionally illustrating my own clipart. I think about how much design has had an impact on my artwork and vice-versa. I want this book now, thanks for sharing :)

marta said...

i got Fingerprint for christmas and loved it's message and delivery. the layouts are inspiring and i know i'll return to it again and again. i love the mesh of technology with the handmade.

ps. those earrings are super cute.