Monday, January 7, 2008

idea tidal wave

oh man. i feel like there's a sparkler lit up in my creative brain right now. So many things that I am STOKED about.

a few art journal pages from this weekend.

flickr page

flickr page

I'm not exactly sure where this one came from, but in the past two days I have become fascinated by pattern. It's actually kind of driving me crazy (in a good way!) since it's EVERYwhere and I'm so into it! My flickr favorites are filling with patterns, and. . . I'm gung-ho on making my own. Here are some of the first ones I've knocked out, and the list for more to make is rapidly expanding. I dreamt about pattern last night, actually dreamt the color scheme of the arrow pattern below.

I'm so excited about the possibilities for these. I think it would be way cool to turn them into tea towels, or to use as scrapbook paper, or as part of a curtain panel. . . . so many ideas.


kimberly said...

Really lovin' the patterns!

robyn said...

These patterns are great! I'm in love with the leaves. I've always thought it would be so cool to design patterns for fabric or paper and these are just awesome. Seriously, if that leaf pattern were available in fabric I'd buy a load. I'd want to make shirts and skirts and bags from it.
I think you've inspired me to work on some patterns of my own during the downtime at work, rather than wasting it away on the internet.

katie said...

thanks guys!! it's really nice to hear encouragement. and robyn, yeah, you should totally try some. it's a fun diversion and especially great if you like messing around in illustrator (like me!).

emily said...

ooh, i love love the leaves. they are now my desktop background, i hope you don't mind! i would love this in a fabric for pyjamas or silk screened onto a tote bag. adorable!