Tuesday, June 30, 2009

design team call

So: scrapbooking. I do it. It's true. I think it's time I man up and stop calling it something else. But I do feel like I come to it with a different sensibility maybe? Anyway. Now that I have this special little guy in my life, it's especially important for me to write things down, remember the stories, create something for posterity. And since paper + glue is pretty much my favorite, why not scrapbook? 

I tend not to go too crazy over products, but there are a few companies that I always love. Cosmo Cricket is one of them. Their designs have a kind of fresh spirit and quirky humor and the colors are perfect in a non-traditional but very usable kind of way. I was doing a search today because I'd heard they're making fabrics of the designs (how awesome is that?) and I saw on their blog that there's a design team call. And it's due today. Nice timing, huh? I've never done something like this but I figure, hey, I love the stuff, maybe it's worth a shot. 

Links go to the original Flickr page (where I usually post my art and scrapbooking.) 

Pages from my art journal, done when I was pregnant, right after our first ultrasound. 

A recent "blowing off steam" collage. Sometimes just cutting and pasting is so soothing to me. And who doesn't love rainbow order?

My April guest design for The Art is Found. I didn't totally love this when I made it, but the more I look at it the more I really dig it. 

One of the tutorials from Rachel Denbow's summer art journal class. I'm still working through the class and really loving it. I'm trying to take it slow and savor it rather than finishing everything just for the sake of finishing. 

And a recent layout from David's scrapbook, made this past weekend. The journalling is just about the daily stuff of life with the baby. Washing bottles! Etc. 

So that's it! Just a few of my precious little paper + glue projects. 

I know it's been forever since I blogged. . . and there are two good reasons. I've been: 
1. Working so hard at my dayjob I swear my head literally spins by the end of every day. We're at the tail end of the busy season now and I feel like I'm coming up for air. I finally relaxed enough this weekend to feel kind of okay again. It's been pretty intense. It would have been pretty unbearable if not for the fact that I've also been. . . 
2. Hanging out with the most awesome baby of all time. Seriously, David is such a good boy and now that he's 5 months a lot of things have smoothed out and we're just cruising along. He's so happy and fun to be around. We feel soooo lucky. Ahh, happiness. 


em said...

LOVE your work.
They would be lucky to have you!
I'm trying out, too...but I'm thinking I have no chance, as I see all these fabulous submissions show up on people's blogs!!

Kristin said...

oooh! I'll hold my thumbs for you! (Swedish version of cross my fingers)

willikat said...

I wish I could make things as pretty as you do.