Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh, decisions

So I bought this skirt from Anthropologie. I got a gift card for Christmas and it's been burning a hole in my wallet ever since I lost (um. . . most of) my baby weight. Even though I love about a million things on their website, I just decided to order something and satisfy my fancy new clothes craving.

I really like it, but it's not exactly what I thought it would be, and it doesn't quite match anything else I own. At this point there are two options: 1. Buy a new blouse and shoes to go with it. or 2. Return it. I do love having an excuse to buy more clothes, but really, is it a valid excuse?

Any suggestions?

There are many other more important things to blog about, but its nice to throw in some fluff every once in a while, you know? 


Lindsay M said...

well it would look nice with something simple - a bright colored tee and some bright flats. those are things you should be able to find somewhere for a good deal. think of it more as a mission! unless you really dont care for it, in which case anthro clothes are too expensive to be on the fence about, because if you wont wear them or feel comfortable in them it's just a waste.

Tori said...

I'd return it. Build a new outfit from the piece you'd buy to replace the skirt.

katie said...

yay! this is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. lindsay, you're totally right, anthro clothes are way too expensive to feel ambivalent about.

em said...

I like it. I think a yellow or aqua or pink...okay really any color cardigan would look super cute...which a white (or ivory...cant really tell) little shirt under. I think everybody has to have one fun piece of clothing that makes them feel special.

willikat said...

if it makes you feel like a million bucks, put on a white t-shirt and flats. if you don't really love the skirt, take it back and get something you're really, really in love with. it's hard when you build something up in your head and it's a little disappointing.