Thursday, May 7, 2009

just about everything!

brain dump! there's about a million things I've been meaning to blog about. Here you go. 

I've been falling into a pretty good work/home/life balance. It's not ideal but I think for now it's pretty close. As usual, David is as stellar a baby as I could hope for, so that definitely helps. He's been going to sleep between 7-8, only waking up twice, and then up for the day around 7:30. That last part is key, since I can get up at a decent hour, get ready by myself, and THEN have some fun baby times before we head out for the day. The mornings go about ten times better than I could have imagined. 

Work has been pretty good too. This week was kind of a big deal for me; I was art directing a photoshoot by myself for the first time. I had a lot of apprehension about it initially. I don't think art directing is one of my strong suits, plus a few things have happened at work in the past year that have really done a number on my self-confidence. And I always feel like self-confidence is half the battle. But! It went pretty well, and I definitely feel like I did better every day. Even my half-assy food styling skills improved. I'm happy I was given the chance to do this and I hope that I can continue to improve. 

And overall, I really do enjoy going to work. Do I feel like I'm missing out on seeing my son? Yes. But. I also feel like I enjoy David so much more when I see him for only a limited time. Something about that sounds horrible, but it's true though. When I'm with him, I'm totally loving it since I know the time is precious. 

He's getting so fun, too! He is making little laughy baby noises. He's grabbing at toys and really examining them. When it's been sunny after work, I've been taking him on little walks in the Baby Bjorn, and he loves looking up at trees, he gets this fascinated look on his face and just studies them intently.  It's totally adorable. 

So, in summation: things are good. I don't know if I could ask for much better. 

David loves the dog. Isn't this the cutest?

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em said...

David is so cute. It makes me happy to hear you say things about him laughing and playing with toys and stuff. I think I'm still in the phase where I just don't want Mirielle to get any bigger! I feel like the time is already going by way too fast!