Tuesday, January 13, 2009

remaining days

belly update! 39.5 weeks. large and in charge. 

I have four more days until my due date. At this point, it's safe to say I'll probably be overdue. Just a hunch. I hope it's not by too much though.  I still feel pretty good but it's hard to wait and wait and wait for something and then . . . . wait some more. I've been going back and forth between feeling peaceful and feeling super restless. I know I need to cherish these last days of childlessness. 

A few good things:
- I have successfully navigated this pregnancy without getting cankles. HOORAY! It was one of my biggest fears. Stupid, I know, but yeah, just one of those things. I still fit into my regular shoes and boots. They might not zip up all the way, but they fit!

- It's the coldest week of the year. So far it hasn't affected me much. Maybe my inner pregnancy heater finally kicked in. (Which is a good thing since my winter coat no longer buttons very efficiently.)

-In my delicate condition, everyone at work worries about me driving. Any amount of snow fall = snow day! Tomorrow's looking pretty good. 


kimberly said...

So jealous that your feet are normal size. It was a good thing I was pregnant during the summer because I could basically only wear flip flops in the end. Luckily they returned to their normal size after Jasper was born.

Yeah, you should totally not be out tomorrow. Wind chills of 25 below. Not good for very pregnant women. Enjoy your snow day!

willikat said...

you look sooooo cute! i hope you blog at at least a quick post so we know when you have the baby/name/gender! :)

em said...

You look great! :) Now I might have to sign up for twitter just so I can watch for updates. I'm a psycho like that...

seventh ward said...

You look great (and I love that top!) I hope you get to meet your baby sooner rather than later.