Sunday, January 18, 2009

baby watch!

I feel like I'm on Baby Watch this week, like it's a storm or big event followed by a local news station. It should have it's own theme graphics and music.

Thanks Brian Fantana.

So, update: no baby. However, I did have a lovely day yesterday so I can't complain. Lazed around in the morning, got a pedicure in the afternoon, made some art, watched Juno. Appropriate, I know.

There's been a repeating pattern this week that I can't quite figure out though. Every evening I start to feel. . . different, somehow, and go to bed thinking this will be our last sleep without a baby. Then when I wake up the feeling has totally passed. At this point I'm just assuming the kid is taking after his or her mother (punctuality is not a strength of mine) so I'm trying not to get too impatient.

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willikat said...

eeeeee! I have been checking in for updates. please say you're going to twitter when the baby's born or something!!!! i can't wait to hear the news.