Wednesday, August 20, 2008

leisurely day off

some artworks for an online art journal class I'm taking.

I decided to take this class, not because I feel like I need instruction on how to make things, but just for more of a boost, new ideas, whatever. It's been a good experience but has underlined something I've known about myself for a while. . . I really hate to follow directions. I cook from recipes all the time, but use them as a loose guideline. I've never sewn from a pattern in my life. So, in making these pages I feel like I'm using the tutorials as more of a suggestion than a direction. and I am totally okay with that.

Today I have the day off work and I'm going into the city to get a haircut at my old favorite salon in Wicker Park. I'm feeling sorta nervous because I might take the plunge and get some blunt bangs or something completely new. I guess we'll see. I think the haircut urge comes from the fact that if I can't really control how my body looks in the next few months, I might as well have cute hair. Plus it's a nice excuse to go bum around in my old neighborhood. I do miss it sometimes.

Then tomorrow, Mike and I are off for a long weekend in Wisconsin-Door County and Milwaukee. It should be fun. We're staying at a bed and breakfast that is also a sheep farm so you know I'm deliriously excited.


kimberly said...

I have that hair urge too. I have wanted to do some drastic dye job in the past month or so. I'm sure I'll be glad that I resisted the urge. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

em said...

yay for your door county trip! have fun!! :)

robyn said...

Real quick - I love your pieces above!
Aaahk! I hate following directions too, same with recipes and all. My best friend is the direct opposite, where I'll throw in a handful of something, she has to precisely measure out everything, it's so funny to me. I'm so bad that if I'm told to do something in an exact manner I'll lose interest faster than a blink of an eye.
And I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. I'm venturing into new territory as well, but with some crazy colored highlights. We'll see how it goes.
Have fun in Door County and take lots of sheep pictures :)