Thursday, August 7, 2008

here we go

It's been my belief for a long time that I don't want to buy a lot of things for our children. I mean, what kid doesn't love the box something comes in better than the actual gift itself? Also, most kids stuff isn't very aesthetically interesting to me. Who wants their house all full of colorful plastic junk? And I certainly don't want my child in either the all-princess or all-truck wardrobe that most stores seem to stock for little girls and boys.

But anyway. I think I found my weakness:

threadless baby onesies. First of all, they're all adorable and funny. Also, they're limited editions, so I think, ooooh, if I like it I better get it now. The dumbest part is that they're kind of expensive for something the kid will only wear for three-four months, tops. I still can't resist though.

So far I've kept it under control, for the most part. I just ordered the Cookie loves Milk, and the Giraffe and Elephant fire brigade. I should also confess that I bought a Giraffe and Elephant fire brigade shirt for myself too. Maybe I'll email a link to the Noah's art shirt to my parents, I'm sure they would approve and be happy to oblige.


kimberly said...

Josh and I are the exact same way about stuff for our kids. However, my husband has a serious weakness for Threadless t-shirts. I'm not even sure how many he has by now. I can't believe I've kept him from buying the onesies so far. He wants to anytime he's on the site!

em said...

Kids clothes are a total weakness for me! I am always seeing things I want to buy my niece!! This is one of the etsy stores that I stalk...though I've never had a reason to buy anything from her!!

Kristin said...

I know! threadless, threadless ... I own thirteen threadless tees (see now why I'm not going to buy any clothes for a year. :)). but regarding the onesies, there will be mothers or fathers to be that can take them over when your baby grows, won't there?

katie said...

kristin, that's true. . . we will definitely be able to use them if we have another child, and even then, they will still be nice enough to pass on to another family to enjoy. :)

willikat said...

plus, they are so cute and not so stereotypical boy/girl looking. you're teaching good design at an early age.