Tuesday, February 12, 2008

lucky number seven

since I don't have a lot to say I'm doing one of those "seven things about me" posts. just random stuff. for the record, yeah, i haven't really created anything lately so I don't have much to share. I think my brain is frozen. and the negative wind chill can bite me.

okay, anyway! here they are.
1. I absolutely hate being "blessed" after sneezing. It's probably because I sneeze a lot and would just prefer people to ignore it.

2. I sing songs to my dog ALL the time. Most of them are tuneless. And most of them are about how she is a pug dog, or how bad she smells. So the songs are not good, but I sing them with love.

3. I have vivid dreams and remember them often. When I was younger I had recurring dreams that I was shopping for something specific and could never find it. These dreams stopped when I married Mike. Seriously! Now I dream a lot about whales, and sometimes Bob Dylan.

4. I have really bad excema on my hands this winter and it looks like I have some kind of flesh-eating bacteria. It's getting better, but at one time it was really gross. Not sure why I'm sharing this. You're welcome!

5. If Google ever went away about half my life would fall apart. I rely so much on gmail, my google calendar, and google reader. I use gmail as an address book, I email PDFs of my work to myself for safekeeping, all my appointments I would completely forget are in the calendar. . . it would not be pretty.

6. I am not very good about remembering birthdays, and I really wish I were better about sending gifts and cards. This was one of my New Years Resolutions.

7. I'm starting to get SUPER excited about planting my garden this spring. I'm hoping to plant tomatoes, zucchini, snow peas, spinach, green peppers, hot peppers, and herbs. I think this is finally the year that I have learned I can't grow basil and oregano from seed, so maybe I'll finally have some herb success.

on that note of looking forward to springtime. . . I'm out.


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