Monday, February 25, 2008

Iowa, pajamas, music

I feel like I'm just going to toss a pile of images and sentences here tonight. but that's okay. I guess I'll number them to make it seem less scatterbrained. We all know the truth though.

1. This weekend we went to Iowa for my new niece's baptism. It was nice to be with my whole family, as it always is. And good to get out of town, even if we did go somewhere with way MORE snow than here. Always love some Iowa time.

2. I realized the other day that I have been wearing the same pajamas for like three years now. Not cool. So, i took action!

These are from target and they are ADORABLE. Way cuter in person I think. The colors are really pretty and the pattern is so cute. On sale for $9 at my target! It doesn't get any better than that.

3. And finally. i have been listening to the same mix for the majority of this month. Lovin' it. Mindy, this should be coming your way sometime soon. . . :)


longingheart said...

yay for mix cds! I put a dual disc Florida mix in the mail to you yesterday, I hope you get it before your trip!

willikat said...

LOVE your mixes. you made me one a long-ass time ago and i still listen to it.

Kate said...

Random: I also just got a mix with "Strangers" on it.

Rossa said...

Keep up the good work.