Tuesday, October 30, 2007

late october

saturday afternoon mike and i walked our bikes to the nearest gas station since both our tires were low. i brought my camera along with the intention of taking some fall-y pictures of the neighborhood, but this was the only one I took. oh well.

it was a really pleasant weekend. took a few walks, made granola, cleaned my art desk up a bit. i also made apple turnovers from scratch, including the puff pastry. super yum. And the puff pastry-I think I'm addicted now. It's really fun to make and tastes about a thousand times better than the frozen stuff. So of course I started thinking and had a little daydream this morning about becoming a pastry chef. All this from one batch of turnovers! But you know I get lofty goals sometimes.

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Porcelain said...

Mmm, homemade puff pastry! I'm so impressed. Was it difficult?