Saturday, October 13, 2007

movie film

this weekend one of my coworkers is making a short film. and i'm in it. it was actually pretty fun this morning. plus we've all been talking about the project for so long that it's good to actually get it going. and tomorrow there's more. It's been an interesting diversion. plus also, my character wears some sweet vintage shoes that are definitely going into my personal rotation after this.

After filming, spent the late afternoon painting and collaging, listening to wilco. seriously. . . . the less i watch TV the happier I am. working on that a lot these days.

Lately I feel like I'm improving myself by really TRYING to overcome some of my shortcomings. I made a chore chart, and I almost wish I were joking about that. Something about this has an adverse affect though, in that it really highlights all my other junk I'm not figuring out. The essence of most of it? I need to spend less time thinking and more time DOing. I'm also kind of a sloppy perfectionist, if that makes any sense. But I realize I've been dealing with this most of my cognizant life, so it's not going to go away just by writing a list and doing daily chores. Or will it? Hmmm. . . . Small revelations.

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mindy said...

always knew you were a superstar!