Thursday, October 25, 2007

$1000 shopping spree. . . .

. . . . I wish.

BUT I did just finish a small freelance project and have some "fun" money." this is what I've been looking at blowing it on:

j. crew sweaters and skirts

these adorable shoes from zappos

also this sweater from anthropologie that I can't seem to save a photo of. you should look at it though. the magic is all on the back.

j.crew has a great lookbook up right now, too. i think the purpose of really great fashion photography and wardrobe styling is to make you want to overhaul your whole life on the basis of one photo. such as this:

well, i'm off. . . . it's time for me to move to scotland, get a bike with a basket, and start wearing argyle.

1 comment:

Porcelain said...

That J. Crew outfit got me too!!! The sweater, adorably sweet polka dot dress, pink belt (PINK), way too cute heels, and the little Scottish flags in the bike basket. GAWD!!!!

Take me J. Crew, I'm yours!!! :)