Wednesday, March 11, 2009

little dude

my favorite subject: a baby and a puppy

asleep in the swing

bundled up for a cool day walk with Mike. 

I tweeted recently about my life revolving around David's naps. It's totally true. If he doesn't nap, he fusses a lot and that makes me crazy. If he naps too much, I get kinda bored and wish he would wake up. Little dude has been sleeping almost ALL day today. I actually called the pediatrician about it since it seems so out of the ordinary. Then I felt kind of dumb because, really, who worries about their infant sleeping too much? 

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kimberly said...

Who worries about a baby sleeping too much? A new mom, that's who. I'm sure I googled that in the beginning. I've also googled, bumps on baby butt, baby poop color, deswaddle...the list goes on!