Wednesday, February 11, 2009

thoughts at three weeks

I'm trying to gather some thoughts together about the transition from being pregnant to being a parent. It's unlike anything else I've ever experienced mentally, physically, emotionally. I look at all the books I read and classes I took about childbirth or childcare, and it all seems a bit futile. I'm glad I was mentally prepared, and had a good base knowledge, but the reality of it blows any kind of practical knowledge away.

I had such an amazing pregnancy, I wonder if that's not part of the reason the transition was a little hard for me. I always hear about women that are so glad to not be pregnant that having a kid seems like a breeze, but it was the opposite for me. Man, being pregnant was great. I actually felt better during most of those months than I do normally; and I know that makes me incredibly lucky.

After those few rough weeks, I finally feel like I've settled in and am really enjoying my time at home with my son. And at almost three weeks out, I'm feeling a little more like my self, like my identity is coming back, I'm not just a Mom. Its reassuring after some time wondering if I'd ever feel the same again.

The pleasant weather here has helped immensely, too. We got out for a walk three days in a row, fresh air and sunshine never felt so good.


em said...

I can't believe three weeks has gone by already...

Glad things are going well. I totally get the weather thing. I've had probably twenty people come and tell me how lucky I am to be due in April because I will be able to go out on walks...and sometimes those walks can really save you from going crazy!! ;)

So how about some more photos?? ;)

Harriet M. Welsch said...

I felt exactly the same way after having AJ. No one warned me about the sense that there was a giant gaping hole in my body. I liked being pregnant. I got used to walking around knowing I was never quite alone. Afterwards, it was an adjustment. I loved AJ to pieces and was so happy he was there, but I had to reassemble my sense of self. I hadn't expected that.

willikat said...

yay hooray!
oh man, i can see david in the other window as i type this, and katie, he is such a beautiful, beautiful baby.