Monday, September 22, 2008

my special little ditka friend

i love my dog so much, i'm one of those people. this morning she gave me a little scare. . . . poor puggy had a seizure. I took her in to the vet and I think everything is probably okay. it could have just been a blood sugar thing, since she didn't eat enough yesterday. they sent away some blood work so by tomorrow we should find out if it's anything worse. it's amazing how distracted I can be just from worrying about my little pup. I got all my work done today but my heart just was not in it.

i have some happier things to share, too, but today I just wanted to post these photos. i did a little ditka photo shoot last spring. I should do this more often, i have tons of pictures of Mike and I, but not too many of the dog. she deserves it.


kimberly said...

Glad she's okay! Hopefully the blood work comes back all clear.

willikat said...

HUGS. i know how you're feeling...did you read my posts about mo and her seizure/fainting episode?? it's so hard when they get older.
molly and i send hugs and kissies and well wishes to ditka. (ps that is such an awesome name for a pug.)

robyn said...

woah, the name of your blog changed in my bloglines. And your dog's name is Ditka? Classic.

em said...

oh so scary :( poor thing!! poor you!!