Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bows and flowers

new shoes from anthropologie! I treated myself to something fancy since my maternity wardrobe is fairly small and kinda plain. and frankly, I'd rather not buy anything else I won't be able to wear in four months. so shoes it is! can you believe it had been almost a year since I purchased any new shoes? that is a looooong time for me. maybe I have learned some restraint in my late twenties.

hey, thanks for all your comments about my puppy. she has been doing perfectly fine since the episode and seems all back to normal. now I'm thinking about this. . . if my dog getting sick worries me that much, how much more will I worry about a child? I guess that's what every mother deals with.


em said...

Oh WAY cute shoes!!!! :)

Peach Pit said...

SHOES! (Those are awesome.)

willikat said...

that's exactly what i wonder...i can barely handle the stress of a cockapoo, let alone another human being! but i guess all moms figure it out. :)
glad ditka is ok. molly had the same thing and has essentially been ok since.
also before i read where you got the shoes, i was all like "that picture looks like an anthropologie ad!"