Tuesday, January 23, 2007

shoes, new office

zappos, of course.

there's something about working in a legitimate office that makes me want to buy better shoes. not to say I don't love my shoes, I do, but all of the sudden I feel like there's a hole in the shoe closet. . . . a hole that needs to be filled by a pair of bone and tan spectator d'orsays. I can't really say why; I'm not really that kind of girl.

By the way, none of the above really do it for me. I can't find what I have in mind, I am on a quest though. I'd go into more detail but I'm fairly certain that's not necessary.

So yeah: my new, legitimate office. It's GOOD. great actually. People talk to each other. The women wear pumps! I know it's not a big deal, but it is to my girly self. It really is kind of showing me what a completely bizarre environment my last job was. One day last week I went to lunch with some co-workers; we had Thai food and afterwards stopped into a thrift store. yeah, NOT joking. good stuff.

I feel so excellent about the whole thing, feel like I've found a good fit for my personality and my talents. I just feel happier. It's pretty amazing what this change of scenery is doing to my psyche.


Porcelain said...

Hey Katie,

That's great that the new job is working out so well! Thai and thrift shopping, awesomeness!!!!


longingheart said...

mmmmm shoes! I am so happy you like your new job!!!!

emily said...

congrats, katie. it's a great feeling, no?

Crafty Aspirations said...

Mmmm - I vote for the second pair. Very sophisticated.

fashion said...
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