Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quiet and content

It's a quiet Sunday, snowing and the sun just setting. In the living room the fire's going and Mike is asleep in front of the Bears game. I'm in the office painting and listening to country music. It feels really nice.

A few months ago I joined an art group, the Midwest Collage Society. So far I've felt a little . . . . conflicted about it; mostly because I'm SO much younger than everyone in the group. I feel quite a bit out of place. Today we had a meeting, and beforehand I felt like this was going to be my last. But then something changed and I've resolved to stick it out. I think I need to accept and work with these kind of challenges in my suburban life (ie, always feeling out of place.)

One good thing about the group is that I was able to get some artwork professionally photographed for free. It's a step in the right direction.

one of my very few pieces that I consider "finished." as of yet untitled. acrylic, vintage papers, and pastel on canvas.

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