Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

image from notebookdoodles. (a new blog discovery, which is a gift in itself.)

Although it's been a tough few days, the sun is finally out today and I'm feeling happy and Christmassy. This was the first year ever that I've not been with my family on Christmas Eve, which was difficult. But video iChat, lots of baking, and positive thoughts have made a big difference. Even though I'm not with my loved ones, at least I have them and it's just one day out of the year.

Today we had breakfast and presenting with Mike's family, and now we're watching episodes of Arrested Development and working on crosswords. I made croissants and pain au chocolate, which has been on my baking to-do list for a while, and feels like a nice accomplishment. Maybe later today a nap and some snacks, with fake champagne. Yay.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


em said...

Merry Christmas! :) I know all about the not being with family thing on the's tough! Glad to hear you had an okay day! :)

willikat said...

crossword puzzles and arrested development???I was JUST doing that same thing(s) two nights ago!

notebookdoodles said...

aww that's so sweet of you. i'm glad you like my blog!