Thursday, October 2, 2008

happy day

good day today. why? oh,

• woke up early enough to do a pregnancy yoga DVD before work. it really is true that excercise makes you feel better. who knew?

• i let myself have a little regular coffee this morning. it's a semi weekly treat I allow myself and it always tastes and feels so good.

• wearing my new favorite earrings. something about my new haircut makes me want to wear giant roundish earrings. these were seven bucks from target and are the prettiest rosy gold color.

• all my favorite blogs updated today. yes, this makes my day nicer.

• work was busy but not crazy busy. ate lunch with friends and not at my desk, for once. had some pleasant afternoon conversations.

• and the obvious: it was the most beautiful october day today. crisp. the setting sun was gorgeous.



willikat said...

love those earrings! and the hair!

Renae said...

Hey, I like your coat!