Tuesday, April 1, 2008

animals I love

a few shots from our trip to the farm/petting zoo this weekend. i love this place. it's free and little and you can kind of just stop in whenever you get a farm animal craving.

what's that you say? other people DON'T get farm animal cravings? oh well, maybe it's just me.

some friendly goats

my favorite llama, I call him Speckles.

and of course, a more domesticated favorite animal of mine, even though she is kind of a monstery beast. puppy Ditka!

this one really shows her in all her weirdo geriatric pug glory. man, I love our dog so much.

and one more thing. . .

this made me cry big fat tears. I know this elephant has probably been trained in some way, but i still find it incredibly moving. gives you a different opinion of all the non-human mammals out there.


willikat said...

OH MY GOD. ok, so i'm totally obsessed with elephants as it is. i might have to put this on my blog too. i'll credit your find. that is just amazing. even if it was trained to do that. that is amazing. i hope they treat those elephants right. one time i was watching a little show about elephants with my family, and it was the most touching thing ever. they are amazing, sensitive, extremely intelligent animals.

willikat said...

oh, and. your pug is so dang cute i can't stand it. i love pugs. and i have a soft spot in my heart for geriatric dogs. there's something really sweet and special about them.

katie said...

yes! I'm totally obsessed with elephants too, and I also really hope that they are treated well. you dont' have to credit me though, I found it through some other blog that I can't remember right now. and thanks for your pug comments! she is sooo geriatric--we sometimes call her "gerry." ;)