Tuesday, November 27, 2007

belated thanks

thankful list. 11/26/07.

as with most other things in my life, i'm less than punctual on this one.

I was going to make this a numbered list but it's hard. really there isn't a lot for me NOT to be thankful about lately: wonderful husband, nice house, great family, good friends, continually amusing co-workers, hilariously sweet dog. i feel really lucky.

other than that, the four day break is tops on my list of thankful. it was so nice to do the cozy homebody thing for a few days. made some christmas gifts and decorations (I'm finding hand embroidery really satisfying/relaxing right now). watched lots of movies; Elf, Chocolat, Don't Look Back (an old favorite). The fire was on most of the time. drank a lot of hot cocoa. made pumpkin cheesecake and three kinds of soup. GOOD all around.

all the best to you at the beginning of the holiday season. i really hope it's a bright and cheery one for us all.

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