Tuesday, September 4, 2007

gourdy howe

gourdy howe, originally uploaded by oltremare.

this past spring i noticed some strange foliage in the flower bed in front of our house. i put two and two together and realized it was a pumpkin. . . last fall our halloween pumpkin had fallen apart, and apparently its seeds were really tenacious, since a pumpkin started growing seven months later.

i loved the pumpkin growing. i named it gourdy howe. sadly, gourdy's life ended a few weeks ago when I pruned a little to hard on his vines. this is how big / orange he got. not bad for a volunteer pumpkin in a tiny patch of dirt.


Porcelain said...

Katie, That is seriously the best name ever for a pumpkin!!!

katieoltremare said...

thanks! it just kind of makes me smile when i think about it.