Tuesday, May 29, 2007

two years

according to wikipedia, the second anniversary is the "cotton" anniversary. but apparently in our household it's the tennis racket anniversary.

anyway, yeah, we've been married for two years. it hardly feels that long... it was a good night tonight though. we had a nice dinner out and afterwards walked down to the county fairgrounds. the circus is in town tomorrow and we caught a glimpse of some of it. it was a nice evening.

may is such an excellent month for us. really, the past few weeks have been nothing less than perfect springtime.


nice-etc said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! glad you had a nice anniversary :) ..i'd love to learn more about you!

Porcelain said...

yay! congrats on #2!

longingheart said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Crazy thing, I have that written in my calendar but not your birthday. So Happy Birthday too (late I think). Better late than never right?

katieoltremare said...

thanks everyone! ;)