Tuesday, April 24, 2007

once again

"I am happy here: when I or other have bruised my life, I close my eyes against the hurt and think of Rome; as possibility, and hope. And I feel more related to my environment and to my circumstances in Rome than I do anywhere else on earth; I am blessed, intensely delighted, satisfied, and reconciled. The world is lovable when the world is Rome. Everything good in my nature is nourished here. My body feels safe here. When I love the space around my body, I love my body. For the rest of my life I will love Rome and think better of my life for having known Rome. Rome, rooted and ethereal, stretching from earth to heaven, casts aside so little and embraces so much--there's room for me. It is everything; it is elegant, robust, common, spectacular, vulgar, exquisite, and above all rare...

Rome is all things high and low. It is like God, it accommodates so much."

-barbara grizzuti harrison, italian days

a slew of emails in my inbox from my rome classmates, among other things, brought me back into the reverie today. some days it's like treading water in memories.

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willikat said...

oh my gosh, i prety much moved on from d-land, too, for no good reason. just time i guess. i kept trying to force it adn it wasn't happening. anyway, now i'm on blogspot too, and we can be friends there, too! i stil listen to the mix cd you sent me a loooooong time ago. also, i want to know how to customize the blog iwth links on the side like yours. any chance you could help?