Thursday, March 29, 2007

looking back and forward

i found this in an old diary, written about a week before i left for rome the last time:

"diary, I get scared about this whole Rome thing ... but then I think, adventure! and discovering a whole new world and the whole new person I can become in that new world."

kind of gave me chills to think of how true it ended up being. and, kind of makes me wish I wrote more passionately in an online diary like I used to. the thought of that level of earnesty makes me cringe a bit, but I really shouldn't be ashamed.

i have a lot of feelings right now. we'll leave it at that.

today at work I fueled my romey daydreams with seven more minutes on the ipod and a bottle of archer farms blood orange italian soda. only a few more days until I can get the real thing again.

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